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Each Planet controls different areas of your life.

  • Do you lack Confidents?
    That means your Sun is weakend.
  • Do you lack emotioanl nourishment?
    Strengthen your Moon to feel releave!
  • Do you lack organisation in your life?
    That means your Mercury is not well placed.
  • Can you not feel satisfaction despite having what you wanted?
    That means your Venus needs support.
  • Do you lack the drive to face obstacles?
    Work on your Mars to change that.
  • Do you lack inspiration and have problems with your income?
    Take care your Jupiter to improve your spirituality and income.
  • Do you have problems to get relaxation and refreshment?
    Your Saturn does not support your leisure.
  • Do your obsessions lead you always into the wrong direction?
    Connect to Rahu and fix that.
  • Do you feel frustrated and disconnected?
    Look at your Ketu to get solace in your inner self.

Learn how to use Crystals and Mantras to improve any of these areas

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